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I am Sandy Puskaric and I am Sandcastle Interiors

I provide One Stop Shopping for all your design and decorating needs, my specialty? I find the discounts, I find the bargains and together we make it work for your budget.

Redo, Refresh, or Start from Scratch, One Room, or your whole House!

I design blank or empty spaces into fully finished, functioning rooms in the standard amount of time; I redesign rooms in a day with the "One Day Room Makeover" using what the home or business owneralready has; and I do everything in between!

I have no product to sell you so we are not coming into your home or office with a vested interest in you purchasing anything you do not want or need. Should you need or want new items, however, we can obtain everything in question.

By providing a full range of design and decorating services, I can work in every home, every business and with every budget!

Every budget deserves Great Design!

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