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I will help you develop a plan within your budget to have the home or office you imagine or simply to deal with a difficult decorating challenge. Wall color and window treatments, furniture style, rug, art and lighting will be addressed. Usually takes an hour.

$75 per hour


Specializing in the “One Day Room Makeover” I use your existing furnishings and accumulated treasures to give you a new room in a day! I break down the room(s) and “shop your home” for items that will enhance the makeover. Your furniture will be placed in the most attractive arrangement for the space. Art will be re-hung and accessories placed to complete the finishing touch. An average sized room takes 3 to 4 hours (1/2 day).

$300 - for an average sized room – less than the cost of a slipcover!!


If your room(s) need(s) more than our One Day Room Makeover. I'll guide you in putting the shell (walls, floor, etc.) of the room together as needed whether you're doing the work yourself or using someone else. I'll advise you where you need to spend money and where you can save in putting the room together. I'll save you from making buying mistakes when and if you are getting anything new and I'll successfully combine the old with the new as needed.


I’ll help you find the perfect item for your space. I’ll track down that perfect piece.

$75 per hour (plus pass bargain savings onto you!)

REDESIGN FOR RESALE (commonly referred to as "Staging")

I will walk through your home, garage, and property and suggest what changes would present your property in the most flattering way to get the most money for your property in the shortest possible time. Studies have shown that Redesign for Resale increases your property value.

$75 per hour


I will put your new home together to get the full potential of your new rooms with your current (or new) belongings as quickly as possible and save on moving costs!


Whether you’re having a formal dinner party, an informal buffet, or anything in between, using your silver, crystal, china, and other treasures, I’ll create fun and unique tables, tablescapes, and spaces for the occasion. Using your holiday decorations, I’ll create enchanting fresh spaces to celebrate the holidays.


Searching for the perfect housewarming, wedding, anniversary, birthday, baby shower, retirement, Mother’s or Father’s Day or Valentines Day gift? Give that special someone a decorating Consultation or a new room with a “One Day Room Makeover”.

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